Verily, this is a review of “Yon Astounding Castle! of some sort” by Tiberius Thingamus, an Adrift game entered in the 2009 Interactive Fiction Competition.

I’ll admit it – I cannot get the title of this game out of my head.  I read the first few paragraphs and thought, “Seriously?  Seriously? You’re brave, game.  You’re very brave.”  And somehow I enjoyed the faux-medieval romance voice the whole time I played it.  I know some people hated it instantly, and I guess I can’t blame them.  The whole thing is better if you ham it up in your head, though.  Imagine everything read by a slightly drunk Patrick Stewart.  Or, possibly, a slightly drunk Patrick Stewart dressed like Don Quixote.

The game is basically a one-joke game wrapped around a old-school treasure hunt in a castle.  The joke, like I said, I liked.  The treasure hunt is loooong.  I hit two hours and only seemed to be halfway (if number of treasures is any indication).  Fortunately they were relatively active hours; there are lots of things to do.  It’s just that a one-joke game wrapped around anything can’t be too long.

Something I would have preferred is simply a smaller map – I felt like I was wandering around in random directions; the map overall just looks like a jumble with no attachment to a real place.