This is a review of “Interface” by Ben Vegiard, a z-code game entered in the 2009 Interactive Fiction Competition.

A pretty straightforward old-school game that might have benefited from more things to do, both in terms of length and more details in just what you can do as a robot.  Your actions are restricted in several places, and you can’t do anything cool in your brand new metal shell.

Fortunately it’s pretty competent and had some alternate solutions to puzzles, which I always like.  Gilby is seemingly modeled well, I thought he would go back to bed after turning off the stereo, but he actually started his morning routine, then chased me around for his keys.  That was neat.

In the basement, I found a ‘property tage.’  No idea what that was supposed to be.  This was the only real weird bit, overall it’s a pleasant enough package for a comp game.