This is a review of “Byzantine Perspective” by Lea, a z-code game entered in the 2009 Interactive Fiction Competition.

“Byzantine Perspective” is pretty much a one-puzzle game, supplemented by a intentionally deceptive feelie that is actually pretty nice.  It took not an unreasonable amount of time to ‘get’, and was a bit tricky, but my main problem is just that I don’t get how it happened.  It wasn’t surreal or fantastic, it just doesn’t make sense, and the game doesn’t bother to say why or how this might be, it just expects you to deal with it.

I have to admit, one thing that boggled my game a bit was the second part of the puzzle, where you use the button to change the direction your perspective is shifted… On my very first try, I was shifted into the room you need to reach using the button.  So I never, really, actually figured it out.