This is a review of “Broken Legs” by Sarah Morayati, a glulx game entered in the 2009 Interactive Fiction Competition.

This was a tightly wound ball of nasty.  I didn’t mind it too much, I don’t as a rule dislike playing unlikable PCs.  And you’re given an interesting goal, it isn’t simply meanness for meanness’s sake.  It is frighteningly difficult, way out of my league.  So while I can appreciate what it is, it’s not really my thing.

Something I sure would have liked was simply some more functionality in each of the rooms – they feel really sparse, especially considering the delicate balance of what you need to do.  The inclusion of numerous “WHAT IS X” and “WHO IS Y” is fantastic, and helped me get into the role, but here as well Lottie’s voice kind of overwhelms the simply necessity of learning something.  She tends to drown out the functionality of the game… maybe that’s intentional.  This led to multiple cases where what I needed to do just wasn’t clued very well.

I did use the walkthrough to beat the game, and I like the ending – one thing that makes or breaks a ‘bad PC’ game is its ending – how do you satisfactorily end a story about someone you don’t like?  It’s done well, here, even adding some meat to subsequent play-throughs.